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Apply today to become a Q-Crew Ambassador

The Q-Crew Ambassador Program is a great way for selected leaders and educators to demonstrate their expertise and empower their peers in the evolution of written communication. We are looking for passionate and dynamic people who want to share the benefits of using the Word Q suite to enhance literacy for beginning, developing and proficient writers! Q-Crew Ambassadors are key members of our team, who advocate for our desktop, chrome and iPad apps and provide insightful feedback to help us improve them.

Why Become a Q-Crew Ambassador?

As a Q-Crew Ambassador you will receive recognition as an approved expert with the WordQ Suite of software. You will also be promoted as such on our website highlighting the services you offer, contact information and your credentials. Additionally, you will be included as a member of an exclusive Beta-testing group with privileged access to our pre-released software.

Who are Q-Crew Ambassadors?

At Quillsoft we are blessed to have an amazing community using the Word Q suite around the world, in their own special ways, to assist writers everywhere. We established this program to reward and support selected individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to improving written communication for those that they serve.

As a Q-Crew Ambassador, we will encourage and support you to:

  • Advocate for WordQ at conferences, seminars
  • Host WordQ meet-ups with some help from us
  • Host online chats or discussions with other educators
  • Engage with fellow WordQ users around the world
  • Provide insights and feedback on Word Q’s apps and software

As an Ambassador, we will provide you with:

  • An exclusive Q-Crew Ambassador SWAG pack (including items only for our advocates!)
  • Personal copies of the WordQ Suite of tools
  • An official Q-Crew Ambassador logo or banner for your website
  • Listed on our website as an approved Q-Crew Ambassador
  • Opportunities to partner for content production and distribution
  • Early access to information about Quillsoft’s WordQ updates
  • Material support for advocacy including events and conferences

Want to become a Q-Crew Ambassador? Apply today.

Not all applicants are guaranteed to be selected.