What's new in WordQ 5 for PC?

WordQ 5 for windows.jpg

Hi, PC users. Are you thinking of using WordQ primarily as an assistive technology software; are you an ESL student striving to write as well in English as you do in your first language; or are you in the workplace and looking for a tool to give your professional writing an edge? No matter what your motivation, WordQ 5 has you covered. We’ll help you read and write better!

We at Quillsoft wanted to let you know about some of the exciting new features included in WordQ 5. Here at Quillsoft headquarters our team is split almost evenly between PC and Mac users, and we strive to ensure that our products work flawlessly on both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. As a PC user, here’s what you can expect from your version of WordQ 5.

• Inclusion of ThoughtQ dynamic topics technology!

o Automatic integration of dynamic topic lists within word prediction

o Definitions of dynamic topic words including translations to other languages

o Web search of content relating to topic and selected topic word(s) for discovery and researching information

o Copying of topic word(s)

• Inclusion of SpeakQ speech recognition technology

• Support for latest version of MS Word

• Web based help file (Check it out here)

If you have any questions about WordQ, a member of the team here would be happy to help! Just drop us a line.

Alexis Van Straten