Don't Just Take Our Word For It: Justin's Story

We’ve written in the past here on the Quillsoft blog about how WordQ can be a game-changer for people with learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, and more. Today we’d like to talk about how fantastic our assistive technology is for people with physical disabilities. Enter long time WordQ user, Justin.

Just last week, Justin shared a post on his personal blog about how he uses WordQ in his day to day life. Justin wrote:

I use WordQ for typing anything – emails, blogposts, social media, and most importantly typing my book. It is simply brilliant! … Check out this video of me using WordQ as I prepared for Charting the C’s presentations last spring.

All of us here at Quillsoft are passionate about how WordQ can help increase people’s quality of life, and boost both confidence and self-esteem. We never tire of hearing first hand stories of how WordQ is changing the lives of people that use it. We encourage you to take a moment and read Justin’s whole blog post on his website to see how our piece of assistive tech software has taken his writing process from unbelievably frustrating to quick and easy. Download your free 30 day trial to discover how WordQ could work for you!

Justin Smith is an advocate for choice in the disability community, a college student, a public speaker about accessibility and his experiences living with a disability. To find out more about Justin, visit his blog or follow him on Twitter.