How Quillsoft helps ESL students

Quillsoft’s software like many writing and learning aids are constantly evolving and we thought it would be a good idea to get reviews and suggestions for marketing from students using WordQ. So, we involved 90 ESL students in the Goodman School of Business Professional Masters Certificate program at Brock University for some engaged feedback. This helped us get a clear idea of what WordQ does for ESL students and how they use the software.


ESL students who frequently practice writing English, find that WordQ helps with improving their use of the English language because, at Quillsoft, we don't believe in blindly correcting mistakes. Our software aims at helping users with their spelling, grammar, word choice, and sentence flow; essentially improving their command over the English language.

We understand that everyone has a different process of understanding, learning, and writing. But the common denominator with different learning styles for catching mistakes is having your written work read to you. Because, as a listener, one tends to pick up minor issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. WordQ's speech feedback function helps with exactly that and much more. Some of the ESL students also found that the speech feedback helped with their pronunciation.

Students also pointed out that the word prediction function in WordQ is responsive and adapts fairly quickly to their individual writing styles. Students also found the topics function to add words to the prediction list as a very useful because it allows for more creative thinking, targeted vocabulary, and doesn’t restrict the flow of writing. Furthermore, as an ESL student advanced in their level of usage of English, WordQ allows for tweaking the academic level of words to help with better understanding and contextual relevance.

As for marketing ideas, there are many excellent ones to be revealed over the forthcoming months. Stay tuned.

Kyle Willrich