You Asked. We Listened. WordQ PDF is Coming Soon!

Last year we asked WordQ users, our WordQ Ambassadors, and advocates in and out of the classroom what was the one thing they’d love to see included in WordQ that would make it an even more robust software. The answer was resoundingly, “the ability to use WordQ within PDFs.” And it made sense. PDFs are how we submit forms online. It’s how we take tests in school. PDFs are what HR departments have you fill out for your benefits and income taxes. Of course our users would want to see the same functionality when working with a PDF that they have when typing in a word processor or online.

Well, you asked and our fantastic research and development team got to work. We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that WordQ PDF will be released as an update to WordQ 5 at the end of April 2019. Yep, you read that correctly … there’s no extra charge for WordQ PDF when you purchase WordQ 5! WordQ PDF is an application within WordQ 5 that allows users to open PDF documents for accessible reading and writing. In addition to general reading of a PDF document with WordQ’s read function, users can fill out forms, complete assignments, and take tests that are provided in PDF format with the full functionality of WordQ working for them.

You asked. We listened. WordQ PDF is coming soon for both Mac and PC!