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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

If you’re a person with dyslexia or a parent, teacher, educational assistant, or support worker, you know what the struggle to read and write looks like. What doesn’t get talked about as often as the actual neurological effects of dyslexia are the potential lasting emotional effects that come from having any learning disability. Self-esteem and self-worth suffer when people feel like they aren’t as good as their peers at reading and writing. We know that there is absolutely no correlation between intelligence and dyslexia – Einstein was dyslexic – but it can be hard to convince yourself, your child, or your student of that when self-esteem is low.

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EQAO and OSSLT; How WordQ PDF Can Help Level the Playing Field for All Students.

Province-wide standardized testing is a reality in Ontario (and most of Canada, for that matter), and until now there’s only been a handful of assistive technology software options available for students with disabilities to use to take those tests. Teachers know that accessible PDF documents must be prepared differently than standard PDF versions and, when it comes to creating a level playing field for all students, that difference matters.

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