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Matured for 20 years in the world's most demanding environments, 5,000+ innovative startups, government, and Fortune 500 businesses have embedded a PDFTron document experience.

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Everything you need for an even better development experience -- expert support from the developers who built the SDK, deployment tools, and an active developer community.

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We've open-sourced our UI, giving you complete freedom to optimize the user experience and match your look & feel -- no limits. You can also customize and extend our slick out-of-the-box UI.

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Seamlessly add more features, file formats, and platforms as you grow. Plus, we invest millions in R&D, ensuring ongoing delivery of new market-driven and customer-requested innovations.

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Embed & customize using your preferred development stack. Tools & documentation make it easy to launch quickly, while upgrades are seamless, so you can focus on your product and users.

Peace of Mind

Our technology is built from the ground up, without any viral or open-source PDF libraries. This means we can fully support our SDK and can react quickly, while giving you peace-of-mind from a licensing perspective.


At LEARNstyle, the success of our work stems from a deep understanding about how to empower current and future learning. This develops from a greater understanding and awareness of each learner’s strengths that once coupled with technology create a synergy for success.  This is not just our expertise and our business, it is our passion

Our training mission has evolved into a philosophy which has been constructed on the principles of our training methodology:

Independence through strategy based technology instruction delivered through a relationship based training model" Planned outcome: Increased self-esteem


LEARNstyle Services and Tools:

  • SEA High Incidence student coaching

  • SEA Low Incidence student coaching - supporting students with complex learning needs

  • Assistive Technology Professional Learning for Educators

  • Cloud Gear Learning and PULSE (Personal Use Learning Strengths Evaluation)

  • SMTS & TMTS - Student and Teacher Management and Tracking Systems

  • SEAit Assistive Technology Asset Inventory Management Tool

  • Keynote Talks

  • Parent Awareness Sessions

  • AT Camps

It’s more critical than ever for students to learn how to assimilate information from digital content as we increasingly live, learn and work in an online environment. Ideaphora’s technologies are the first to deconstruct digital content into meaningful concepts, automatically generating keywords that students can drag-and-drop into concept maps that they build right alongside the resource.


How it works with WordQ: 
Open the WordQ tool bar overtop of Ideaphora to get dual modality assistance while adding any text to your concept map. WordQ will provide a prediction list that can be seen as well as heard so that students can be assured that their writing is an accurate reflection of their ideas. This integration provides a universally-designed learning environment for all students.

Units of Sound is an online literacy intervention program for anyone with a literacy difficulty.  It is the second-chance specialist tool that anyone can use from a reading specialist to volunteer or parent. Its strengths lie in the unique structure, the 90% of independent work and the spiral learning application which makes learning enjoyable and painless.  So whether you are in a school, community center or at home, Units of Sound offers a solution.


How it works with WordQ:
With Units of Sound you are working on skills development, whereas with WordQ you have assistive technology. Together, they form a package that boosts a student’s output and inner confidence.

The Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub) is a dynamic incubation entity focused in the Educational Technology (EdTech) sector.

ihub facilitates collaboration amongst educators, students, parents, researchers, industry leaders, and ihub Portfolio Companies to enhance and innovate the modern education experience and foster local economic development and growth.



STEM MINDS™ curates, creates and delivers the best STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs to children, specific to their needs. “A” for Art is embedded in everything we do as creativity is the foundation for learning!

Every child should have the right to access the best in global STEM programs, to learn and be inspired. We do that by delivering personalized experiences of #Fearless Learning! We will nurture the next generation of problem solvers, game changers and fearless leaders. Join us in this journey for you!



EdTechHive (Hive) is a joint venture between STEM MINDS, located in Aurora Ontario and Digital Active Point Inc., located in St. Catharines Ontario. Our vision is to create a collaborative innovation ecosystem by connecting business and education to grow prosperous communities. Our mission to enrich people’s lives through partnerships, programs and services that inform, enhance and innovate the modern educational experience to develop globally competent learners and foster local economic development and growth.

We help school boards, educators, and students fulfill their passions while enhancing and innovating the modern educational experience to prepare students for success today, and in the future. Unlike other educational companies who offer educational programs, we collaborate with districts to create a modern educational ecosystem that integrates technology-rich hands-on educational programming, with community partnership opportunities, technical training, consulting services, educational products and services, as well as edtech business relationships in ways that reinvest in our schools for the future.

EdTechHive (Hive) is a dynamic ecosystem focused in the Educational Technology sector located inside a K-12 school facility. We launched a successful proof of concept within the District School Board of Niagara in 2015, which today continues to serve the teachers, students, and community in Niagara, Ontario with a wealth of unique educational programs, services, partnership opportunities and training.


Since 1999, CommonLook® has been a world-leading provider of software products and professional services enabling organizations to meet their obligations for electronic document accessibility.

CommonLook’s verification and remediation services deliver an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve accessibility with Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA 1.0 and HHS compliance for public-facing, popular or large volumes of PDF documents and forms. No project is too large or too complex. And CommonLook’s professional remediation services provide the CommonLook Report, your ironclad guarantee of full compliance with Section 508 or WCAG 2.0.



UserWay is a pioneer in innovative website accessibility technologies

UserWay provides helpful accessibility plugins that work without refactoring your website's existing code and will increase compliance with WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0 , ADA ,& Section 508 requirements.


Quillsoft Logo 2017 white background.png

At Quillsoft, we aim to enhance writing for all ages, at all levels, using simple and effective tools. However, we recognize that we are what some like to call a “Companion Tool”. In other words, our software works as a trusted companion to other applications, building confidence and success by providing guided assistance in the process of writing.

For example, in a desktop environment we can float over top of any other program that requires text-input. A sample list of programs that can effectively use our companion tool(s) includes, but is not limited to, MS Word, Pages,  Google Docs, Outlook, LibreOffice, Skype and various email and chat programs. In the chrome environment, WordQ for Chrome is perfectly suited for the purposes of creating and/or editing a document to make sure it says what we want it to say. Following the draft writing, the writer may require a publishing tool (such as Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Word, Powerpoint, Pages, etc) to prepare a final draft for submission. On the iPad, students can build topical information in a program like Inspiration Maps, then “Open In” our iWordQ for editing and learning purposes then “Open In” a processing program such as Notability.

Quillsoft has always understood that one solution can never satisfy all the needs of individual users, yet our software can play a major role in written communication, when paired with other application(s), as a “Companion Tool”.

This section of our website highlights some programs that demonstrate a synergy with WordQ to provide a great combination of tools for any student/home/business writer at any level and any stage in the writing process.