Is iWordQ available on other tablets besides the iPad?

While we are exploring the possibility of developing iWordQ for other tablets, iWordQ is currently only available for the iPad and iPad Mini.

Is it possible to change the dictionary that the iWordQ app uses?

The iWordQ app does not allow you to modify the number of words in the dictionary, however the user profile builds itself over time adapting to the users needs, which may help to limit the words as they progress.

No definition found when word is selected.

The “Define” function is a native iO/S function, it is not part of nor is it affected by iWordQ. To ensure a dictionary is in place, select “Manage” in the define window. Uninstalled dictionaries have a “cloud download” icon beside them. iWordQ has the ability to toggle several iPad features from within the iWordQ app. Under “Options”, select “iPad Features”, there you can enable/disable Auto-Correction, Spelling Suggestions and Definitions.

How do I change the font size?

Use your thumb and index finger and either pinch in or out to reduce or expand the size of font.

How do I create a new document?

Select the Document icon to show list of documents. To create a new document, begin by typing in the top box to name your document. Then tap the Plus button to save the document. A new document will automatically open.

How do I delete a document?

To delete a document, simply swipe over the document's name and then tap the Delete button once it appears.

How do I save a document?

All documents are automatically saved and can be retrieved from this menu.

How can I tell which version of iWordQ I have?

Tap the "?" button in the top right corner, your version will display in the title bar of the pop up window. Ex. iWordQ CA 1.3.1

App Store 1004 Error - Free iWordQ Redemption Code

The 1004 Error is not specific to iWordQ, but is a problem reported by many users for other apps.

Suggestions from the web if errors persists; Try signing out of your AppStore account and re-sign in. You must have a valid account to redeem a code. Under General settings, Reset all settings. Please follow the steps below for a successful install.

  1. Open the App Store (Top Charts tab).
  2. Tap the Redeem button at bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter your Redemption Code in the pop-up window.
  4. Enter your AppleID password.
  5. The App Store will then automatically download the App associated with the Redemption code.

Importing text (.txt) file not working.

When saving a text file some programs also have an option for encoding, choose UTF-8 format for best results.

Add/Change fonts in iWordQ

To change font in iWordQ -Open iWordQ -Settings -Font -Select your desired font (must already be installed)