Section 6-Quillsoft Certification for WordQ+SpeakQ V5 (PC)
Part 1: On-line Written Component

1. Reading Assistance
1a. WordQ can read back text anywhere including…? Check all that apply.
2. Proof Reading
2a. What is the process for getting WordQ into proofread mode?
Important Q'ips

To hear what you type:
⦁ Speak letters helps you confirm which character you have typed. Each letter is spoken as you type it.
⦁ Speak words helps you detect spelling errors. Each word that you type or select is spoken.
⦁ Speak sentences helps you hear the word flow in a sentence to decide whether the proper words and punctuation have been used.

To proofread a sentence:
1. Position the text cursor anywhere in the sentence.
2. Click Read.
3. The sentence will be highlighted and the prediction box will temporarily disappear. The keyboard is disabled except for SPACEBAR, ESC, and the ARROW keys.
4. Press SPACEBAR to begin reading the sentence. Each word is highlighted as it is spoken. Listen for any mistakes. Press SPACEBAR to pause/resume reading.
5. The sentence is highlighted again after it has been read.

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