With WordQ Pro, and iWordQ Pro software you gain independence and confidence, traveling your own path to success.

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PC desktop / laptop / Surface, iMac, MacBook

Write in your preferred word processor with contextual word prediction, speech feedback, and proofreading. Easily use topical vocabulary at elementary and secondary levels.

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Write in a simple text editor with the support of word prediction at elementary and secondary level, speech feedback, proofreading and voice dictation. Read text in adjustable easy-to-view format. Listen with automated text-chunking.

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Chrome browser extension (PC / Mac / Chromebook)

Read web text without distractions and pull out key words/phrases while reducing potential for plagiarism. Ideal for paraphrasing and studying. Restrictive selection feedback encourages active reading and understanding.


See yourself improve your reading and writing skills with Quillsoft’s easy-to-use WordQ, SpeakQ, and ThoughtQ software tools, going beyond spelling and grammar checking.

Most students have room for, or strive for, improvement. Beyond average students, our software helps those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and first and second-language learners (ELL and ESL).