Canadian 'Super Startup' Companies


Squiggle Park is the world’s most fun and effective reading platform for kids PreK-Grade 2 and ELL students! Inside the app, children enter a magical, monster-filled world where they play wacky and whimsical bite-sized games that adapt and grow with each user. As they play, data is collected on each student, building real-time training tools and professional development for teachers. Squiggle Park focuses on building confidence and mastery to help produce strong, independent, and successful readers!


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Clique is were French teachers belong! Inside Clique, you can find others like you, plan lessons for free, co-plan, collaborate, and find the resources that you need. Clique builds tools for French teachers and was designed by French teachers.

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GoVenture is one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations for business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, health, typing, and more.


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Forms and approvals for the 21st Century
For K–12 schools and youth-based organizations concerned with informed parental consent, internal approvals and a streamlined process. 


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Our Journey

Many moons ago, we were a young startup company with big dreams and a lot of hard work ahead of us.

In January 2016, building upon the struggles and lessons learned along our journey, we reshaped and transitioned Quillsoft from a strictly R&D company into a new entity that includes global distribution and marketing.

Recently, we were privileged to join a group of younger Start-up companies as guests of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, in Boston. These are fantastic companies that provide absolutely, awesome services in varying spaces within education.

As the more, 'Silver,' startup company of the group, (dubbed by our younger, fellow startups),

We believe;

  • Getting involved with the organizations and institutions above is a necessity for survival for these startups

  • In paying it forward, to give exposure to these companies in spaces that we are already present

  • Our experience can only help some of these new companies through the rough patches of their journey

  • By joining forces and collaborating with each other, we as a collective group can do incredible things.

For any Ontario 'Start-Up" looking to export, we highly recommend that you get in contact with the following Government agencies, to assure that you are aware of all that is available to you.


We could not have made this successful transition had we (Quillsoft) not been involved with individuals representing the following organizations and institutions along the way.