Students are regularly assigned essays or reports on subjects in which they have no in-depth knowledge. A search on the topic name is the usual first step. If they have some topical knowledge, they may narrow the search by adding a few specific terms. But they often do not have the language to search effectively. 

ThoughtQ for Chrome is a unique product that helps a student think outside of their own language box. Starting with an initial topic word or phrase, it uses its own patented data store and search engine of world-wide knowledge to suggest a list of words/phrases that others have used when writing about that area. These suggestions are then linked to an embedded Custom Search to find relevant and interesting web pages with less effort while helping the student gain greater knowledge. 

Suggested words/phrases may be considered as “thought triggers.” There is no single best answer offered. All suggested words/phrases are equally likely to be of interest. It is the serendipity of finding relationships between words and a topic that is often of most value. You can control the degree of topical uniqueness of words, which is often reflected in the reading/writing level. Common words tend to be lower-level, while more unique words are higher-level.

As an example, “ice cream” generates “Missouri” as a topic word – a seemingly bizarre suggestion for people living outside Missouri. Choosing that word quickly leads to discover that the St. Louis, Missouri is home of the first ice cream cone! 

Found URLs can be exported or copied for a reference list. Topic words can be exported or copied for use as a topic set within WordQ or as placeholders for written work.

Key Features/Strategies and Benefits

Simple environment
Simplicity encourages use in discovering information for essays, projects and reports

WordQ word prediction technology
Helps you with spelling search keyword/phrase

Speech feedback within search, word prediction and topic word list
Accommodation for users with reading difficulties

Adjustable topic word/phrase levels
Compatible with your reading level

Safe search using Google Custom Search™
Ensures appropriate web search for schools

Tabbed web views
Allows viewing of multiple web pages

Uncluttered reading view
Removes ads from web pages and simplifies viewing

Web page zooming
Accommodation for users with visual difficulties

Speech reading within web pages
Accommodates users with reading difficulties

Keyboard accessibility
Accommodates for users with physical difficulties

Embedded link to Google Docs™ for note-taking
Allows for quick note-taking

Collect and copy web page URLs with search paths
Helps you to reference information

Copy topic lists
Use topic lists within WordQ to improve word prediction

Synchronize settings, search and web pages across computers with your personal Google Account
Allows you to work anywhere

Print web pages locally or to Google Drive™
Allows for hard copies

Built-in help
Provides immediate access to help information


System Requirements

  • Chromebook / Chrome OS and Chrome Packaged App Supported Environments
  • Optional Speakers / Headset with High Quality Microphone