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Available for schools using Google G-Suite for Education

‘Thought triggers’ to help you discover what you don’t know 


ThoughtQ suggests words and phrases (thought triggers) that you may not think about when searching. It links to Google Search to help you discover information for your essays and reports with less effort and in less time, while gaining greater knowledge. Supports inquiry-based learning. Even if you knew a subject in-depth and could search with a very specific phrase, would you find out what you don’t know, which may be of greater importance? 


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Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented topic word generation suggests topical words/phrases when writing about any topic. 

  • Adjustable topic word/phrase levels provides compatibility with reading and academic level.

  • Word prediction helps with spelling a keyword/phrase. 

  • Topic words/phrases can be imported to WordQ for Chrome to improve its word prediction.

  • Speech feedback of topical words/phrases helps with learning pronunciation.

  • Definition lookup of topical words helps with understanding unfamiliar words. 

  • Chrome web search of keyword/phrase + topical word/phrase focuses search of the unfamiliar.

  • *New and Free*  ReaderQ Chrome browser extension.