A simple standalone text editor is used for writing with the support of WordQ word prediction and speech feedback, as well as Google Voice Typing with SpeakQ’s speech feedback and mic options. It runs offline, and you can open and save documents on your Google Drive (when online) or locally (when offline). The intent is not to replicate all the features of Google Docs, but to offer a much simpler supportive writing space for note-taking, initial drafts and editing with minimal formatting.


As you type, suggested words are displayed at the bottom of the window (default setting). Click a predicted word to select it. If your desired word is not shown, continue typing.

Speech Feedback

For Read-back, use the "toggle echo" icon to have your typing read aloud and have your predictions heard. Select the "toggle Proofread" to select to find errors in sentences. Use the down arrow key to move through your document.

Speak to Write

Use the "speech-recognition" icon to have your speech transferred to text by speaking directly into the devices microphone (headset optional). The icon is set to have the microphone turn off after speaking. You can choose for the microphone to "never" be turned off or turned off "after editing". You can also choose from 7 different countries with which to align your speech in English.

Key Features/Strategies and Benefits

Simple writing environment
Simplicity encourages use with focus on writing, not formatting

Compatible with Google Docs
Write drafts and edit then open in Google Docs for formatting

Offline operation
Desktop-like functionality with word prediction and speech feedback working offline; ability to save files locally

Online operation
Adds opening/saving files to MyDrive as well as Voice Typing

Advanced word prediction in Elementary or Secondary versions in English and French
Suggests words appropriate for your writing level

Creative spelling prediction
Suggests words even when spelled creatively or missing parts.

Contextual relevance
Wherever the cursor is positioned, word suggestions make sense

Simple usage examples for close-sounding words (e.g., there > We are getting there by car; their > They have sold their home)
Easier to choose correct word rather than read dictionary entries

Profanity and bias-free (manually edited dictionaries)
Ensures appropriate language for schools

Topical prediction with a tool that lets you import topic lists automatically created in ThoughtQ for Chrome
Reduces effort in typing words when writing about a certain topic

Speech feedback as you type (options for reading back letters, words, sentences, word predictions, highlighted text)
Allows you to hear what you write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes

Speech feedback of highlighted text
You can also listen to websites, emails and instant messaging

Proofreading: focus on sentence, listen to sentence to hear possible mistakes; use word-by-word reading to identify mistakes; use word prediction to edit; listen to sentence again; repeat until satisfied or move to next sentence
A simple strategy to find mistakes and edit your writing

Modified Google Voice Typing with SpeakQ speech feedback and mic options
Improves productivity while at the same time allows you to hear what you write in a clear voice to immediately capture mistakes and reduce unwanted text from being entered

Adjustable font, font size, font style, letter spacing, line spacing, margin spacing
Improves comprehension and accommodates users with reading and visual difficulties

Three color themes: black text on paper background; high-contrast black text on white background; high-contrast white text on black background
Accommodates users with visual difficulties

Keyboard accessibility
Accommodates users with physical difficulties

Synchronize settings across computers with your personal Google Account
Allows you to work anywhere

Print web pages locally or to Google Drive™
Allows for hard copies

Built-in help
Provides immediate access to help information


System Requirements

  • Chromebook / Chrome OS and Chrome Packaged App Supported Environments
  • Optional Speakers / Headset with High Quality Microphone