WordQ is a simple, yet powerful, writing tool that works on top of any Windows or MacOS application where you write. All writers can benefit from using WordQ. The goal is to help you create better quality written work with greater independence, confidence, and ease.

WordQ’s word prediction and spoken feedback offers writing support that is mostly invisible by design. These supports are used along with associated strategies to help you improve your writing, particularly spelling, grammar and word flow. For example, WordQ helps you identify mistakes that you cannot visually detect. Who hasn’t experienced problems reading their own work without seeing their errors?

There’s no criticism and no pressure, so writing can be enjoyable.

Our users include students from primary school to college, CEOs of major corporations, journalists and many more. How they use it is completely personal to their needs. Fortunately, WordQ is flexible enough to adapt to those needs.

The act of writing requires many competencies. There’s so much going on that one or more obstacles can slow everything down, or stop it completely. WordQ offers you the support you need only when you need it, instead of distracting you with features and functions you aren’t using. Nor does WordQ include a Swiss Army selection of features that would be underutilized and/or duplicate what is freely available and of better quality elsewhere, such as within major writing applications and/or the operating system.

By intentional design, with input from seasoned educators, WordQ does not write for you nor fix all your mistakes. You must still do your own writing but WordQ makes it easier for you to independently work more effectively. 

New to Version 4

  • Exam mode - gives you the ability to turn off features for a set amount of time.
  • Advanced word prediction dictionaries, averaging less than 2 keystrokes to predict contextually relevant next words.
  • Simplified pronunciation editor enables you to modify the pronunciation of any word that is spoken using text-to-speech.
  • Creative spelling prediction now includes hyphenated words and words that are predicted after a hyphen.
  • Topic list extraction tool - use this tool to build relevant topic lists.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bit)
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 2 GB+ RAM
  • Optional Speakers / Headset with High Quality Microphone

Key Features/Strategies and Benefits

Simple user interface – floating toolbar with 4 buttons that can be hidden
Simplicity encourages use 

Self-adaptive word prediction at 3 levels – starter, intermediate, and advanced; in English, French and Spanish
Continually adapts and suggests words appropriate for your writing level

Works on top of applications
Supports you wherever you write

Creative spelling prediction
Suggests words even when spelled creatively or missing parts.

Contextual relevance
Wherever the cursor is positioned, word suggestions make sense 

Simple usage examples for close-sounding words (e.g., there > We are getting there by car; their > They have sold their home)
Easier to choose correct word rather than read dictionary entries

Profanity and bias-free (manually edited dictionaries)
Ensures appropriate language for schools 

Topical prediction with a tool that lets you easily build your own relevant topic lists
Reduces effort in typing words when writing about a certain topic

High-quality speech feedback as you type (options for reading back letters, words, sentences, word predictions, highlighted text)
Allows you to hear what you write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes 

Speech feedback of highlighted text
You can also listen to websites, emails and instant messaging

Simple pronunciation editor
Enables you to modify the pronunciation of any word

Proofreading: focus on sentence, listen to sentence to hear possible mistakes; use word-by-word reading to identify mistakes; use word prediction to edit; listen to sentence again; repeat until satisfied or move to next sentence
A simple strategy to find mistakes and edit your writing 

Reduces typing effort for common phrases 

Exam mode to turn off certain features for a set amount of time
Satisfies school testing requirements to ensure WordQ does not offer unfair advantages and to prevent possible cheating 

Keyboard accessibility
Accommodates users with physical difficulties 

Adjustable word prediction font and font size
Accommodates users with visual difficulties 

Built-in help
Provides immediate access to help information

I have never had students respond so quickly and strongly to writing assistive technology before. It is so nice to have a program that has easy to understand licensing and non-insane pricing!

Wylanta, AT Coordinator, Arizona