Simple text editor for elementary and secondary schools

Available for schools using Google G-Suite for Education

Available for schools using Google G-Suite for Education

Reduce spelling and grammar errors while writing,
focus on ideas, and proofread with ease

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WordQ for Chrome is an easy-to-use text editor for Chromebooks with writing skill improvement and compensation tools. All students benefit, including English Language Learners (ESL), Second Language Learners (ELL), and struggling writers.

WordQ runs offline, and you can open and save documents on your Google Drive (when online) or locally (when offline). The intent is not to replicate all the features of Google Docs, but to offer a much simpler supportive writing space for note-taking, initial drafts and editing with minimal formatting. Google Voice Typing is also supported with the added benefits of speaking recognized text and controlling the microphone.

WordQ helps students create better quality written work with greater independence and ease, and with less stress. Intelligent word prediction suggests words appropriate for elementary and secondary schools (starter, intermediate, and advanced levels). Students write faster and produce more, and get help with spelling and grammar with as little as one or two keystrokes.

By intentional design, with input from seasoned educators, WordQ does not write for students nor fix all their mistakes. They must still do their own writing but WordQ makes it easier to independently write more effectively. There’s no criticism and no pressure, so writing can be enjoyable.





Simple writing environment Encourages daily use of WordQ
Compatible with Google Docs Write drafts and edit then open in Google Docs for formatting
Offline operation Desktop-like functionality with word prediction and speech feedback working offline; ability to save files locally
Online operation Adds opening/saving files to Google Drive, and use of Voice Typing
Advanced word prediction with a 40,000 (elementary) or 80,000 (secondary) linguistically aligned words and phrases; profanity and bias-free Helps with spelling, grammar, and word flow by suggesting words appropriate for elementary or secondary schools; averages less than 2 keystrokes to predict desired word
Creative spelling prediction Suggests words even when spelled creatively or missing parts
Contextual relevance Word suggestions make sense in the writing context
Simple usage examples for close-sounding words Easier to appropriately select among close-sounding word suggestions
Topical prediction with a tool that lets you import topic lists automatically created in ThoughtQ for Chrome Reduces effort in typing words when writing about a certain topic
Speech feedback (options for reading back letters, words, sentences, word predictions, highlighted text) Helps to independently catch mistakes
Simple pronunciation speech editor Improves pronunciation of unusual words
Proofreading Mode Independently find mistakes and edit through a simple strategy
Google Voice Typing enhanced with speech feedback and microphone options Improves productivity and hear recognized text to immediately catch mistakes and reduce unwanted text from being entered
Adjustable font, font size, font style, letter spacing, line spacing, margin spacing Improves comprehension and accommodates users with reading and visual difficulties
Three color themes Accommodates users with visual difficulties
Keyboard accessibility Accommodates users with physical difficulties
Synchronize settings across computers with your personal Google Account Allows users to work anywhere
Built-in Help Provides immediate access to help information