for Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit)

Get your thoughts down easily by voice

Improve writing productivity without worrying about spelling
 Software compatibility may vary within different versions, we offer a 30-day free trial to allow for testing within your own environment. Contact us for details.

Software compatibility may vary within different versions, we offer a 30-day free trial to allow for testing within your own environment. Contact us for details.

SpeakQ combines with WordQ Pro and adds simple speech recognition. Students devote more attention to what they want to write, rather than worrying about spelling.

Nevertheless, the benefits of WordQ Pro are always at your fingertips. All students and workers benefit, including English Language Learners (ELL), Second Language Learners (ELL), and struggling writers.

WordQ+SpeakQ Pro is ideal to: get your ideas down before forgetting them; quickly entering difficult words or phrases by voice instead of typing.

In addition to direct dictation into a document, WordQ+SpeakQ Pro includes a “speak and select” mode where spoken words and phrases are displayed as a list of choices. You select from the list to control what is typed after you speak. This lets you spend more time on writing, and less time correcting mistakes.

In contrast to new speech dictation systems, WordQ+SpeakQ Pro does require training to recognize your unique voice. Beyond better recognition, its Speech Trainer acts as a speaking coach to help you: become comfortable in talking to a computer; improve your pacing and speaking in phrases; and practice speaking English more clearly.




All WordQ features available Speak, type, or use word prediction, and receive all WordQ benefits
Speech training interface with speech prompting Learn how to talk to the computer, speak more clearly, and train the computer to better recognize you
Customizable speech training text Practice speaking in specific contexts, e.g., class presentations
High-quality speech feedback of recognitions Hear what is recognized in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes
Speak and select mode – alternate recognitions shown in word prediction box Review possible recognitions before entering in text for students with poor speech, focuses on short phrases, and reduces time and effort correcting text
Continuous mode – traditional inline dictation Improves productivity for students with good speech
Speech-enabled word prediction Combines what is spoken with predictions for improved editing
Use only when necessary (speak, use word prediction, or just type) Improves productivity and reduces undesired text from being entered; also helps students get unstuck when spelling a difficult word or phrase that interferes with your train of thought
Microphone options 1) never turn off, (2) turn off while editing, or (3) turn off after every utterance
No spoken commands (e.g., to edit move text cursor and edit) Eliminates learning commands – just speak to write
Speak, use word prediction, or simply type Improves productivity by using whatever input method works best for students
Use within outline views or a graphic organizer Quickly get initial ideas down before forgetting; then use WordQ at a later stage to help with editing
Keyboard accessibility Accommodates users with physical difficulties

“WordQ has been such an inspiration for me, it has enabled me to consider returning to Post Secondary and advancing my College Diploma to a University Degree."

— Hannah Davies Learning Facilitator, CICE Program at Mohawk College