Don’t let your best ideas get lost in translation or overlooked because of embarrassing typos. With WordQ Pro you don’t have to fear misused words, or mistakes in your professional communication anymore.


Have you ever hit send on an email only to realize a second too late that you made a blatant typo for all to see? Have you ever lost out on a position or promotion because your skill level exceeds your written communication? Is English your second language, and you’re finding it difficult to communicate as well in your second language as you do in your first? With the easy-to-use WordQ Pro and iWordQ Pro software tools you will see yourself improve your written communication skills both at home and at work.

We know that most professionals have room for, or strive for, improvement in their writing. Beyond the average professional in the workplace, our software also helps those with learning and physical disabilities, dyslexia, and first and second-language learners (ELL and ESL) bring their best communication to the table.



PC desktop / laptop / Surface,
iMac, MacBook

WordQ Pro allows you to write in your preferred word processor – both online and offline – with contextual word prediction, speech feedback, and proofreading. WordQ Pro offers a more robust vocabulary, which will allow you to express yourself at a professional level suitable for the workplace.

WordQ 5 Pro includes ThoughtQ technology, which suggests words and phrases, which we call thought triggers, that help you to search beyond what you already know about the topic that you’re researching. It links to Google Search, when online, to help you discover information for reports with less effort and in less time, while gaining greater knowledge to convey to your team, clients, or customers.

WordQ PDF allows you to edit PDFs while accessing the full functionality of WordQ.
This is perfect for filling out HR documentation, and completing any forms that that are given to you in PDF format.




iWordQ Pro allows you to write in a simple text editor with the support of word prediction (with a more robust, workplace appropriate vocabulary), speech feedback, proofreading and voice dictation. You are able to read text in an adjustable easy-to-view format and listen to the text being read back to you with automated text-chunking.



Chrome browser extension
(PC / Mac / Chromebook)

ReaderQ gives you the ability to read web text without visual clutter and distractions, and pull out key words and phrases. ReaderQ is ideal for paraphrasing, and our restrictive selection feedback encourages active reading and understanding while reducing potential for the embarrassment that comes with accidental plagiarism.


Company-wide pricing is available. Please contact our team for a quote.