iWordQ Pro is based on iWordQ but is designed to improve effective communication and productivity. Our users include students from upper secondary, colleges, universities, business professionals, CEOs of major corporations, journalists and many more.

iWordQ Pro differs from WordQ desktop in that its tools work within its own space rather than on top of other applications. Further, iWordQ Pro provides a purposeful but seamless separation of reading and writing. Without constraints by external applications, which dictate how text can be manipulated, iWordQ Pro focuses and pares reading and writing down to the essentials for optimal literacy. iWordQ Pro incorporates several innovations in presenting and speaking text to enhance your reading experience, which in turn enhances your writing experience. iWordQ Pro supports saving and downloading documents on OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud and DropBox.

In Writing Mode, a plain text editor is used for writing with the support of word prediction, abbreviation-expansion and speech feedback features. It places emphasis on helping you get your ideas down without the distraction of formatting and layout.

In Reading Mode, text from the Writing mode is shown in a visually pleasing manner to improve readability. Speech feedback and highlighting vary with activity to facilitate reading. Activities include proofreading, reading to learn, silent reading, reading aloud, casual reading/listening, and teleprompting. A patented text chunking method is included to enhance comprehension and readability of text by focusing on one text chunk at a time.

Key Features/Strategies and Benefits

Simple user interface
Simplicity encourages use

Works in its own writing and reading space
Supports you wherever you write

Works offline
Allows you to work anywhere

Advanced, multi-disciplinary vocabulary with 110,000 linguistically aligned words and phrases in English andFrench (separate products)
Suggests words appropriate for colleges, universities and the workplace

Creative spelling prediction
Suggests words even when spelled creatively or missing parts.

Contextual relevance
Wherever the cursor is positioned, word suggestions make sense

Enhanced usage examples with parts-of-speech
Easier to choose correct word rather than read dictionary entries

Infrequent/mild profanity prediction and bias-free (manually edited dictionaries)
Ensures appropriate language for schools and workplace

High-quality speech feedback as you type (options for reading back letters, words, sentences, word predictions, highlighted text)
Allows you to hear what you write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes

High-quality speech feedback of highlighted text
You can also listen to websites, emails and instant messaging

Simple pronunciation editor
Enables you to modify the pronunciation of any word

Reduces typing effort for common phrases

Adjustable font, font size, letter spacing, and line spacing
Improves comprehension and accommodates users with reading and visual difficulties

Proofreading Mode: focus on sentence, listen to sentence to hear possible mistakes; use word-by-word reading to identify mistakes; use word prediction to edit; listen to sentence again; repeat until satisfied or move to next sentence
A simple strategy to find mistakes and edit your writing

Reading Mode
Supports reading to learn, silent reading, reading aloud, casual reading/listening, and teleprompting

Text chunking while reading or selecting text
Improves reading comprehension

Play by steps
Reads current sentence and cues next sentence

Play by sentence
Reads current sentence and stops

Play automatically
Reads continuously until the end of the document

Keyboard accessibility
Accommodates users with physical difficulties

Adjustable word prediction font and font size
Accommodates users with visual difficulties

Three color themes: black text on paper background; high-contrast black text on white background; high-contrast white text on black background
Accommodates users with visual difficulties

Siri speech recognition in multiple languages
Allows you to quickly write down your thoughts

Saves automatically
Ensures you don’t lose your work

Save/download to/from iCloud, DropBox, Google MyDrive, OneDrive (personal and student/workplace)
Access files in Cloud

Send to email, Facebook, Twitter
Allows sharing

Print web pages wirelessly to iOS-supported printers
Allows for hard copies

Built-in help
Provides immediate access to help information

System Requirements

  • iPad with iOS 8+
  • Optional Speakers / Headset with High Quality Microphone