Write effectively and improve comprehension

for iPads with iOS 8+

for iPads with iOS 8+

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Write effective notes in class or at home. Read notes or other text with text phrasing to improve comprehension. Use as a teleprompter for class presentations and practice speaking.



iWordQ is an easy-to-use text editor for students to write without distraction of layout and formatting. Intelligent word prediction suggests words appropriate for elementary and secondary schools from an 80,000-word bias-free vocabulary. Speed up writing and get help with spelling and grammar with as little as one or two keystrokes.


A unique reading mode automatically highlights text in phrases to keep students focused while reading. Adjust the pace of highlighting to improve reading speed and comprehension. Students can listen to their text spoken aloud for possible mistakes, such as grammar and word flow. Listening helps students retain and reinforce more information.

Based on recent research, an adjustable short pause is added between spoken phrases. Pauses are a natural part of speech and are critical for comprehension. Students can even use iWordQ as a teleprompter for practicing or giving class presentations, or for practicing speaking English with appropriate pacing.


A 50% Educational discount is available for purchases of
20 or more units of iWordQ through the Apple Volume Purchase Program




Advanced word prediction with a vocabulary of 80,000 linguistically aligned words and phrases; profanity and bias-free Helps with spelling, grammar, and word flow as students write by suggesting words appropriate for elementary and secondary schools; averages less than 2 keystrokes to predict desired word
Works in its own writing and reading space Improves focus on writing and reading without distraction without restrictions
Simple user interface Encourages daily use of iWordQ
Creative spelling prediction Suggests words even when spelled creatively or missing parts
Contextual relevance Word suggestions make sense wherever the cursor is positioned
High-quality speech Hear what is written in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes independently
Works offline Allows you to work anywhere
Abbreviation-expansion Reduces typing effort for common phrases
Siri Dictation supported Allows students to quickly write down their thoughts (Internet connection required)
Enhanced usage examples with parts-of-speech for close-sounding words Easier to appropriately select among close-sounding word suggestions
Proofreading mode Independently find mistakes and edit through a simple strategy
Text phrasing while reading Improves reading comprehension
Read by steps Highlights (and speaks) current sentence and cues next sentence
Read by sentence Highlights (and speaks) current sentence and stops
Read automatically Highlights (and speaks) continuously until the end of the document
Simple pronunciation editor Improves pronunciation of unusual words
Saves automatically Ensures work is not lost
Save/download to/from iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive (personal and student/workplace) Access files in cloud anywhere
Send text to email, Facebook, Twitter Allows sharing
Print web pages wirelessly to iOS-supported printers Allows for hard copies
Adjustable font, font size, letter spacing, line spacing, and color themes of writing space Improves readability and comprehension while accommodating reading and visual difficulties
Adjustable word prediction font and font size Accommodates visual difficulties
Built-in Help Provides immediate access to help information