Fraser Shein, PhD, PEng | CEO and Vice-President, Research and Development

Fraser Shein is the primary owner of Quillsoft and as CEO he is responsible for the overall operations of the company, including product development, marketing, communications, and logistics. Dr. Shein is also Chair of the Board of Directors.

As VP, R&D, Dr. Shein is responsible for the day-to-day operations relating to R&D. Specific responsibilities include directing and contributing to both research and commercial development; developing and managing academic partnerships; and seeking new R&D funding opportunities.

Dr. Shein founded Quillsoft in 2000. He worked as a rehabilitation engineer and scientist at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital from 1979 – 2010 where he became an internationally recognized expert in computer accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Since 2011, Dr. Shein has managed Quillsoft full-time. He is also an Assistant Professor (status only) in the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science.



George Nicholls, BMath, BEd | COO

George Nicholls is responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing Quillsoft’s long and short term plans. He acts as a direct liaison between the Boards of Advisors and Directors and with management of Quillsoft and communicates to the Boards on behalf of management. Mr. Nicholls is also involved in direct marketing/distribution efforts.

Mr. Nicholls’ has extensive experience in national and international project development and integration of technology into public/private learning and business environments, curriculum application of digital learning systems, technology systems development and integration, and research and strategic planning/integration of emerging technological advances and initiatives.

This role expands upon his prior 10 years of experience at Strategic Transitions Inc. (STI), over 30 years of education-related experience, and over 35 years of small business entrepreneurial experience.



John De Luca, BPhEd(H), BEd | President

John De Luca is responsible for day-to-day operations with the other vice-presidents and CFO. Mr. De Luca is also involved in direct marketing/distribution efforts.

Mr. De Luca has extensive experience in directing business and marketing developments related to the sales and training of Quillsoft products. This role expands upon his prior 10 years of experience at STI utilizing his strengths in applying educational pedagogical approaches with our products in classrooms. Previously, Mr. De Luca had 17+ years of teaching experience in grades K-8, in Special Education and Assistive Technology. 



Chad Stewart | Vice-President, Global Operations

Chad Stewart is responsible for day-to-day global operations of marketing efforts. Specific responsibilities including managing and/or executing asset and inventory control, telecommunications, facility maintenance, sales/e-commerce, and technical support.

Mr. Stewart’s role expands upon his prior 10 years of experience managing global operations at STI. Previously, Mr. Stewart had 10 years of experience as a small business owner bringing along a diverse accumulation of knowledge and skills. 



Ellen Zhu, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) | Chief Financial Officer

Ellen Zhu is responsible for overall financial management of all aspects of Quillsoft including analyzing financial information for financial forecasting, contributing to business planning and decision-making, and being the main contact with the bank.

Other responsibilities include preparing financial reports to maintain record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, and other financial activities within the company. This role expands upon her prior 7 years of accounting experience at STI and two years at Quillsoft as well as 20 years of accounting experience. 



Vivian Tsang, PhD | Chief Science Officer                        

Vivian Tsang is responsible for innovation R&D addressing the needs of customers across a wide spectrum of language proficiency and literacy skills. Her specific responsibilities include data collection and analysis, research and prototyping and co-supervising graduate students. 

Dr. Tsang has a PhD in Computational Linguistics from the University of Toronto. Dr. Tsang joined Quillsoft in 2011 after completing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Holland Bloorview and Quillsoft. Her work has led to two Quillsoft patents and several new innovations, prototypes and products. 



Shae Birch, BSc | Lead Software Developer

Shae Birch is responsible for carrying out key software developments and supporting other developers, as well as contributing to overall R&D with innovative ideas and software engineering analysis and design.

Mr. Birch first began working as a software developer with Dr. Shein at Holland Bloorview in 1999 and moved to Quillsoft in 2011. His background is in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and working with the Canadian Space Agency where he developed an advanced research tool still in use on the International Space Station. He has particular expertise with Microsoft platforms and he provides an incredible dedication to user-centred development of assistive technology and quality of products.



Chen Wang, MScSenior Software Developer        

Chen Wang is responsible for software development on Apple platforms (Mac OS and iOS), as well as contributing to overall R&D with innovative ideas and prototyping.

Mr. Wang joined in Dr. Shein’s team at Holland Bloorview in 2004 as a programmer and moved to Quillsoft in 2008. In addition to software development his background relates to the incorporation of users’ aesthetic needs in product design. He is known for his creativity and quiet brilliance.



Laurkan Rodriguez, BSc | Software Developer

Laurkan Rodriguez is responsible for R&D software prototyping and development on the Chrome platform.

Mr. Rodriguez joined Quillsoft in 2015 after completing a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto with an emphasis on Artificial Neural Networks.  



Matthew Lowe | Software Developer: Interactive Digital Integration, Design and Data Security

Matthew Lowe is responsible for Web and Software Development as well as Database Management and Cyber Security.

In addition to his Interactive Media & Production Degree and a background in Graphic Design, UI, Video & Cyber Security, Mr.Lowe brings 3 years of experience at STI collaborating with Quillsoft, before joining Quillsoft in 2017.



Kyle Willrich | Software Technology Support and Web Designer

Kyle Willrich is responsible for customer and company technology support. Specific responsibilities including customer service and technical support, web design, e-commerce, video production, graphic design, local server management, and Office 365 email management.

Mr. Willrich has in-depth knowledge and troubleshooting skills related to the technical support of Quillsoft products. This role expands upon his over 3 years of experience working at STI. 



Nick Askew | Business Development Manager

Nick Askew is responsible for day-to-day sales and customer support operations as well as coordinating the Quillsoft sales efforts with all other team members and departments. He has a proven ability to nurture long-term client relationships by identifying and understanding the needs specific to their unique environments and personal realities. An integrator of learning solutions, a catalyst for collaboration and proponent of educational progress through student empowerment. He joins us as a highly capable business development manager with a decade of experience in efficiently managing sales channels and creating new clients.


Alexis head shot.jpg

Alexis Van Straten | Digital Marketing Specialist



Tom Nantais, B.A.Sc. (Electrical Engineering), P.Eng. | Software Developer

Tom Nantais is a rehabilitation engineer with 30 years' experience, split roughly evenly between Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and the Spinal Cord Rehab Program of The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.  With the rest of the Quillsoft team, he is responsible for setting user experience goals based on identified unmet consumer needs, then developing functional software to achieve those goals.  Favourite debugging tool is a 2 litre thermos of coffee.