Quillsoft (Toronto, ON) is a private software company founded by Dr. Fraser Shein in 2000 in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Quillsoft arose as a start-up from a consortium of Ontario university/hospital research labs and industry (Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium) with a shared goal of commercializing rehabilitation technology research. Quillsoft specializes in reading and writing literacy software tools.

From 2001 through mid 2007, Quillsoft carried out both R&D and distribution of its software, focusing on students with learning and physical disabilities in K-12 schools. During 2007 – 2016 distribution was handled Strategic Transitions Inc. allowing Quillsoft to focus on R&D to enhance its software and innovate new products. During this time our market expanded to support all students.

In January 2017, Quillsoft consolidated its R&D team with an experienced team of sales/marketing, operations and finance staff previously with Strategic Transitions. We are now extending our market to include post-secondary students, second language learning, home, business and government, and the aging population for anyone who needs literacy support.

Esteem… Acceptance… Confidence… Achievement… Belonging… Worthiness… Happiness… Success

These are not words that people often associate with writing. They are intangible, not something to be touched, tasted or marked like spelling and grammar. However, they are some of the true benefits and rewards for being able to communicate effectively through writing.

The Quillsoft approach with our software and instructional methods is to highlight the true benefits and encourage regular and effective use by focusing on simplicity-of-use associated with a small set of key technologies aligned with functional strategies.